An ambitious, University based, USDA sponsored research project investigating
the sustainable production and distribution of bioenergy and
bioproducts for the central U.S.


Biochar and Beyond

Presented by Matt Kiefer, Juan Proano and Bernardo del Campo
Watch this archived webinar (60 minutes) available on youTube about a new renewable energy company, Advanced Renewable Technologies International, who have developed small biochar reactors that are being piloted in Iowa, Canada and Nicaragua.  The company was started in 2013 by three engineering grad students at Iowa State University.

The webinar is part of the “Bioenergy Friday” web seminar series, led by F. John Hay, Energy and Biofuels Extension Educator, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  The series is co-sponsored by eXtension Farm Energy Community of Practice.

Optimizing Harvest of Perennial Grasses for Biofuel

CenUSA co-project director and University of Wisconsin professor Kevin Shinners discusses new systems to optimize harvesting, handling, storing and transporting perennial grasses that will be used as biomass feedstocks.

Harvesting a Native Grass for Biofuel Production

CenUSA Bioenergy CoProject Director and USDA-ARS scientist Rob Mitchell discusses the potential of a native grass, switchgrass, for use in biofuel production. Rob covers basic information about switchgrass, as well as demonstrating harvesting equipment used and techniques involved to successfully harvest switchgrass with readily available haying equipment.