An ambitious, University based, USDA sponsored research project investigating
the sustainable production and distribution of bioenergy and
bioproducts for the central U.S.

Jan 17

CenUSA Bioenergy Engineers Cut Switchgrass Drying Time by 50%

Perennial grasses have thick, tough stems that can impede drying. CenUSA's engineers developed a single-pass, intensive conditioning process that reduces switchgrass drying from 3-4 days to often less than 2 days.   


Models Predict Large Water Quality Improvements from Perennials
Switchgrass - Newest Product in the $2.5 Billion Cat Litter Market?

Extension and Outreach: Takin' it to the streets and fields
The Gulf's dead zone is the largest hypoxic region in the US. Results from CenUSA models show promising benefits to water quality with biofuel scenarios that combine corn stover and perennial grasses. How will policymakers choose to respond?
A new patented switchgrass plus biochar cat litter by OurPets®, was awarded a 2016 Pet Industry Recognition Award by Pet Business. Could it signal a breakthrough in commercial switchgrass markets?
CenUSA's outreach efforts from 33 collaborators and 7 universities provided unique hands-on learning experiences for citizen scientists, k-12, 4-H and University Extension Master Gardeners and earned national recognition.
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Plant Breeders Increase Switchgrass Yield by 40% 
New Market Place Opportunities for Biobased Products
One of CenUSA's most notable successes was the creation and release of 'Liberty,' a new switchgrass variety that yields 40% more than other varieties and is widely adapted throughout the Midwest.

Researchers show that biochar improves soil quality, crop yield and make biorenewables more profitable; new thermochemical processes get greater value from lignin.