An ambitious, University based, USDA sponsored research project investigating
the sustainable production and distribution of bioenergy and
bioproducts for the central U.S.

April 14

Prairie STRIPS Reduce Farm Nutrient Runoff by 90%

This exciting Iowa State University research project is showing how row crops planted with small strips of natural prairie can dramatically improve water quality and the environment.


NASA - Growing a Solution to Stem Lake Erie Algal Blooms

At a former WWII TNT manufacturing plant in northwest Ohio, NASA wants to plant 3,000 acres of prairie grasses to help limit nutrient runoff into streams and be economically beneficial at the same time.

Growing knowledge (and plants) with
'Black Gold'

Read how CenUSA is working with "Master Gardeners" to see whether biochar can improve home gardens and be a valuable commercial product for the horticulture industry.


Commercial Corner

With $24.7 million from USDOE, Agri-giant Archer Daniels Midland is looking at how perennial grasses can improve the environmental performance of the system.


Biochar - Jack of All Trades

No other soil amendment offers as many positive environmental impacts as biochar. Learn more from Dr. David Laird, Iowa State University soil scientist.


Watch CenUSA's new video, Enhancing the Mississippi Watershed with Perennial Bioenergy Crops to learn how perennial grasses can put a dent in agricultural nutrient runoff and the Gulf's dead zone.