An ambitious, University based, USDA sponsored research project investigating
the sustainable production and distribution of bioenergy and
bioproducts for the central U.S.

Nov 14

'Liberty' is closer than you think

Want to get higher yields? Read about Nebraska's Husker Genetics recent seed harvest of 'Liberty' switchgrass, CenUSA's high yielding variety. Seed will be available to interested growers next spring.

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Birds, Bees and Biomass

It's not pretty. America's grasslands are the most threatened ecosystem in the country. Read why National Wildlife Federation is a big supporter of advanced biofuels and what they're doing about it.
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Round or Square: A look at bale geometry
Shapes do matter. Read about how CenUSA is tackling research on bale logistics and economics.
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Energy, Environment & Extension Summit
This three-day national extension conference hosted by CenUSA featured tours, speakers, breakout sessions on bioenergy and the world premiere of the Leopold Center's STRIPS (Science-based Trails of Rowcrops Integrated with Prairie Strips) documentary.
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The New Bioenergy "Prairie" 
Learn how mixtures of prairie species used for bioenergy could benefit wildlife in Nebraska and the Central United States.

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E Media
Check out CenUSA's videos and a biochar webinar about a new renewable energy company, Advanced Renewable Technologies International, who have developed small biochar reactors that are being piloted in Iowa, Canada and Nicaragua.
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