An ambitious, University based, USDA sponsored research project investigating
the sustainable production and distribution of bioenergy and
bioproducts for the central U.S.

Stock Seeds: Seeds for the Future

Since its first harvest of Nebraska certified switchgrass seed ‘Nebraska 28’ in 1956, Stock Seed Farms has helped usher switchgrass into the modern era and popularize bioenergy and native grass seeds with their products.

For fourth-generation Nebraska farmers Lyle and Margaret Stock, growing switchgrass, a native prairie grass, was part of their commitment to soil conservation and diversification of their crops. Today, Lyle and Margaret’s son Dave runs Stock Seed Farms and has helped turn the family farm into a seed company. When Dave returned to the family farm in the 1970’s, he jump-started the company’s retail and wholesale operations. Under his leadership, Stock Seed Farms has expanded its market to a global level.

Stock believes that switchgrass is a useful plant that could serve multiple purposes. “We’re just scratching the surface on how we can use it. It could be used as an absorbent for industry spills, as a substitute for wood and it needs to be considered for pellet usage,” he said. “But we need to consider using a mix of grasses to create a more sustainable biomass source…we need to think beyond one species for the future.”

Stock Seed Farms offers a wide variety of products and plant species. Stock has noticed market trends that move with the times. In the 1970’s, wildflowers became very popular and today buffalo grass is growing in popularity due to its low water requirements. “We have a great team here who are dedicated to putting out a sustainable product that will serve our planet for many, many years,” he said.

When he isn’t running Stock Seed Farms, Stock serves on the CenUSA advisory board.
For more information about Stock Seed Farms visit their website.