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Feb 15

CenUSA Looks for Next Batch of
Summer Interns
With only months away from summer, CenUSA is looking for a crop of summer interns to partake in our rigorous and rewarding internship program. 

A Producer's Viewpoint - John Weis
2015 - A Turning Point in the Bioeconomy
How Green is Your Drive?
Weis' experience with farming and biochar plots brings a unique perspective to the CenUSA Bioenergy advisory board.
A multitude of factors could affect the bioeconomy's growth this year as experts see 2015 as a turning point for second-generation biofuels.
A new study recently published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science compared the environmental health impacts from a range of fuel types and technologies. The results may surprise you.
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Social Media to Spread Science
CenUSA Website 101:
Social media is a great way to spread information, spark conversation and increase science communication. Find out how we have increased our following through social media and how you can too!

Holy switchgrass! CenUSA Bioenergy has a new website. Check out this tutorial to see the improvements we made with our readers in mind.