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the sustainable production and distribution of bioenergy and
bioproducts for the central U.S.

Oct 15

Switchgrass: Two Decades of Progress 
USDA plant breeder Mike Casler has been working for the past 20 years to create new switchgrass hybrids, in hopes of increasing biomass yields and winter hardiness. He's making a lot of progress.

Listening in with USDA's Bill Goldner
Could Bioenergy Perennial Grasses Help Pollinators?

C6 BioFarm iPad Game Launched
Bill Goldner leads USDA NIFA's sustainable bioenergy research efforts. CenUSA Bioenergy had the chance to talk with him about his thoughts on the impact of the CenUSA project and the future of bioenergy.
The release of the "National Strategy to Promote the Health of Honey Bees and other Pollinators" details ways to promote pollinator health including expanding habitat for the monarch's flyway. Could perennial energy grasses play a part?
Read about the launch of the C6 iPad game, a new, creative computer education project supported by CenUSA Bioenergy. The free app is available on iTunes and has a lot of people talking.
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Ken Vogel - Leading Progress
on Switchgrass

Commercial Corner: AgSolver - Return on Investment Farming
Few people have contributed to the advancement of switchgrass as much as Ken Vogel. Yields of 'Liberty' switchgrass, a new variety developed by Vogel and his team of researchers, are about 40% greater than previous forage switchgrass cultivars.

AgSolver is a mover and shaker in "precision agriculture." They understand that farm fields are not the same and their new conservation software technology helps farmers make more profitable and sustainable cropping decisions.